For Homes

We will collect your junk from your home instead of you having to hire and then load a skip.
We can collect your junk from your loft, garage, shed, garden, kitchen, anywhere at your home.
Our Man & Van (Skip Hire Alternative) service will free up that space for better use in your home.
Call us on 01952 581234 for a free no obligation quotation.


Our charges you based on the proportion of the truck that your unwanted junk fills.
This may change if your house or office clearance is either a high-density load or there are untypical circumstances
that affect your collection. You can find out if these may apply to you by viewing the Additional Charges page.

Quarter Load

How do I estimate how much junk I have for you to take?

We understand that it may be hard for you to work out
just how much junk you have for us to take away especially
if it is in different rooms. This picture gives you an example
of how many ordinary household items it takes to make up a
1/4 load. Call us and we can give you an estimate based on
your description of the items of junk. If you then arrange a
collection we will confirm the price when we see your items.


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